A brand new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man: The Video Game has hit the web, and it's giving fans a much better look at the costume. Now let me also say, this video has been circulating around with the title "Rhino Trailer," but unless I am blind, I do not see Rhino at all in this, but rather the big robot we saw from the reveal trailer many months ago. 

Nevertheless, you still get an up close look at Spider-Man's costume. Almost a better look than the movie trailers have revealed. You can see how the bottom of his shoes look now, which almost look like modified sneakers to me, as well as his web shooters, that were shown in last week's movie trailer. 

Beenox is the development company behind this game. They have also done the recent Spider-Man: Edge of Time and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions games that have come out in recent years. Those past two games were fun to play, but didn't gain that much critical appeal across the board. But it looks like this new title takes the Spider-Man video game genre back to swinging in-between buildings in NYC. That's something that fans have been heavily asking for. 

So will you buy this game and play as your favorite neighborhood wall crawler?

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