TRANSFORMERS 4 Will Have More Action and Less Comedy

My biggest issues with the Transformers franchise to date have been the the story and the characters. I personally think all of the silly characters that were added to the films need to be cut. It looks as though I am not alone. Badass Digest is reporting that Transformers 4 will actually be a sequel, not a reboot or re-imagining. At this time it is not know from whose point of view the story will be told, but it will definitley not be Witwicky's. It is not clear if any of the original human cast will return for this installment.

Here is what an insider close to the project had to say:

"Michael realized it needs to be more like the last hour [of Dark of the Moon]," this source told me. So expect lots of big action, lots of carnage, lots of military badasses, very few silly bits.

Transformers 4 is still over a year off, with the script still in the development phase. It will be interesting to see if these details actually stay the same when the cameras stars rolling. 

Badass Digest shared some speculations from an insider:

I feel like Transformers 4 could be the movie where they finally make the robots the center of the story. Rather than having the robots as sidekicks to whatever Sam is going through, the film could well finally place them right in the middle, with their character beats fueling the narrative. The 'narrative.' That would at least give fans something closer to what they want - people come to a Transformers movie to see what Optimus Prime et al are doing, not to find out how Sam Witwicky's job search is going.

I can not think of anyone else that would be a good fit to direct this movie other than Bay. It will be interesting to see if the action is amped up; I, for one, hope that it is. What are your thoughts on this news? 

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