MGM's VALLEY GIRL Remake Is the Final Straw!

Deadline reports that Paramount and MGM have teamed for a musical remake 1983's Valley Girl. The original film is a slice of 80's nostalgia with a nice mix of New Wave music and valley talk. It is the film that helped launch Nicolas Cage's acting career. The remake will be helmed by commercial director Clay Weiner.

This version of Valley Girl will still "follow the original story of a punk guy with no money from the wrong side of the tracks who sets his sights on winning the affection of a Valley girl with a loutishly preppy boyfriend." The remake will feature the actors singing songs from bands like The Go Go’s and The Cars. The long-gestating project has now been put on the fast track at MGM. Amy Talkington wrote the first draft of the script that is now being rewritten by Jenny Lumet (Rachel Getting Married).

I know it may seem weird that I'm pissed about a Valley Girl remake, but I am. This is the last straw for me. I am tired of Hollywood taking a classic movie and putting a slightly new spin on it. There is no need for films like this to be made. It seems as though MGM and Paramount are trying to make this into an 80's version of Grease.

There have been some decent remakes, but they have been few and far between I literally can count the number of good remakes on one hand. Movies like David Fincher's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, the Coen Brothers' True Grit and War of the Worlds are remakes that I enjoyed. Most other remakes seem to fall flat. I am sure that there are other remakes that are decent, but at the moment they are escaping me.

I am glad that MGM is back from the ashes and has the new James Bond film Skyfall on the horizon, but for God's sake, stop filling your slate with remakes. The studio is currently set to remake RoboCop with director Jose PadilhaDeath Wish with Joe Carnahan, and Carrie with Kim Peirce. Paramount has also planned a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's Suspicion, and I cringe at the idea of more Hitchcock classics being remade. When is the insanity going to end?

Am I alone in my anger? Let me know in the comments below!

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