THE NEW WEST Comic Getting Big Screen Adaptation

Movieby Joey Paur

Black Bull Media’s comic book series The New West has just been picked up by Benderspink and Wizard Magazine founder Gareb Shamus, who have teamed up to give us a feature film adaptation of the western. The 2005 two issue series was written by Jimmy Palmiotti with art created by Phil Noto

Here's a little description of the story:

Our story begins with a disgraced former Los Angeles Police detective Daniel Wise, who endures a near future deserted hostile LA environment where the Mayor has now been kidnapped and an electronic pulse bomb causes all technology to stop working. Daniel Wise is the only one who can save him, but can he do it with just a horse and sword?

I have not read the comic, but it sounds like it could end up being a cool movie. Just to give you a little more confidence in this movie, Benderspink is the same company that brought us the the awesome adaptation of A History of Violence

Have you read this comic and do you think it will make for a good film?