STAR WARS FIREFLY Smuggler Poster Art

If I ever need anything smuggled through time and space, it will be done by either Han Solo or Malcom Reynolds. Check out this sweet Star Wars Firefly smuggler poster art, thanks to FYLF.

Call the Captains by Winterartwork

The valiant smugglers of Firefly and Star Wars team up to bring a better tomorrow to the galaxy (in their own crazy ways). Winter Artwork’s excellent new mash up design is now available in shirt and hoodie form at RedBubble.

Call The Captains by Winter Artwork (Flickr) (Facebook) (Twitter)

Vote Smuggler - by Ian Leino

Shirts available at Redbubble for $31.44

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Duel in Space - by Zerobriant

"Han Solo vs. Malcolm Reynolds. Who do you think will win? Place your bets as we witness the greatest space cowboy shoot out."

Available for $12(USD) @OtherTees 


If I were a smuggler, I would want to be just like Han Solo and have a Wookie sidekick that liked to play video games (It can get lonely out in space). If you were a space smuggler, which universe would you prefer to exist - Star Wars or Firefly?  

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