Captain America director Joe Johnston has signed on to direct a low-budget thriller called Not Safe For Work. This is the first film he's attached himself to since last year's incredible Captain America. I think it's great to see him going the low budget route, as Johnston is mostly known for making big $100 million dollar plus films. I think the last low-budget film he made was 1999's October Sky, which ended up being one of his best movies.

The new film comes from producer Jason Blum, who has helped develop other micro-budget films such as Paranormal Activity, Insidious, The Reader, Area 51 and more. It was written by Adam Mason and Simon Boyes and it "centers on a young paralegal who is trapped in the office with a killer on a mission to destroy files for another corporation."

It sounds like an interesting concept, and I'm excited to see how Johnston handles it. I think every A-list director should take a break from big budget filmmaking to make a low budget movie; I think it would help them further perfect their craft and force them to think outside the box more like they used to do when they were first getting started. Think about Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, George Lucas, Michael Bay, David Fincher, and more. I'd love to see what kind of movie they could make for 1 to 2 million bucks. 

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