Dear Alan Moore, How's The Weather Up Above Us?

Dear Alan Moore,

I won't waste your time in telling you I'm a fan of your work because you'd be hard pressed to find a comic book reader who hasn't enjoyed one of your numerous contributions to the art throughout the years. That being said, I'm getting tired of your s***.

So what if DC retains the rights to Watchmen and wants to do a prequel? Is this truly a "shameless" act as you say in the New York Times? This "dependence on your ideas" is unacceptable in your eyes? Is it fair then for Forbes writer Mark Hughes to say your dependence on other literary characters for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen makes you a hypocrite? I have to wonder.

Not that I expected your reaction to be any different than when the Watchmen movie was announced, in which you proclaimed you would be "spitting venom" all over the proceedings despite director Zack Snyder's high regard for you and respect for your work. Might I go further and ask if V For Vendetta was another Hollywood "regurgitation of worms" or is that alright because the Wachowski's weren't in bed with your longtime contemporary Frank Miller?

I don't expect you to respect the up and coming writers of today because you have no respect for the man who stands as your equal. In a recent interview, you disassembled Miller citing 300 as homophobic and Sin City as misogynist...right. I'm sure Miho (who despite film critics' best efforts, has no reference to prostitution in the books) would have something to say about that. Perhaps if we look past your bold and misguided criticism and make a comparison on the film side, it might shed some light.

If you take the domestic box office earnings for V for Vendetta, Watchmen, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Constantine, you get a grand total of $320,462,216.

Pretty impressive, until you see Miller's 300, Robocop, and Sin City  together gross $338,143,440. That's not even counting Robocop II and III (around $56,000,000) , or Daredevil ($102,543,518) which likely wouldn't have gotten a film adaptation if it weren't for his critically acclaimed Daredevil: Born Again in the 90's. Let me go farther to say that unlike you, Miller supported and even cameos in several of the films he was involved in.

With no acknowledgement of this nor of his numerous achievements in the art of comics you begin to sound less like a visionary trying to create comics into a valid form of literature, and more like a bitter seething rival who wants nothing more than the limelight. If you've seen nothing good in the past 25 years in comics, I don't have to guess your opinions of great writers such as Neil Gaiman, John Byrne, and apparently yourself forgetting you released several comics including Constantine within that timeframe.

In closing, sir, let me say that I will be reading Before Watchmen regardless of your involvement because I've done so with many other works you had a hand in throughout the years and enjoyed them just fine. You must accept that there are new great writers in the comic book world despite what you may perceive atop your tower. Oh and in regard to your comment with the Times...what was it again?

As far as I know, there weren’t that many prequels or sequels to ‘Moby-Dick.’ 

You aren't Herman Melville and Watchmen is no Moby Dick.


Robot Reagan

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