Dutch Zombie Movie ZOMBIBI Trailer and Poster

TrailerMovie by Jim Napier

Thanks to our friends at BloodyDisgusting, we have the second teaser trailer and poster for Zombibi. Zombie movies are my favorite type of horror film. There is something cool about the sight of the walking dead chowing down on people. Zombie movies always have some cool heroic action sequences too, which I love. 

Here is a translated synopsis:

Although his brother Mo klooiende by the pool enjoying the sun, will not mind the clumsy Aziz to be in the office. He is namely Tess, his beautiful colleague hole where he is madly in love on. However, when Aziz at the hands of his brother gets fired, he is so angry that he story is picked up at the pool. By accident he was arguing with the wrong and an hour later he and his brother with two blood linke Surinamese, Jeffrey and Nolan in a cell.

In retrospect, their salvation, for that night, a Russian space station crashed in the Netherlands. When they wake up after a noisy night, it appears no one in the police to be present on the young policewoman Kim after. If they come together behind the whole neighborhood is flooded with zombies, they still have only one goal. Here you get away as quickly as possible. But ... If Aziz overhear his voice he hears a cry for help from Tess. He must help her, but nobody wants to be lives for someone they do not even know...

The 3D movie arrives in Dutch cinemas sometime in 2012, but there is no word on a US release. I think Zombibi looks like a mix of humor and gore, and it should be a lot of fun. Weapons are important for your survival in a zombie movie. My two weapons of choice would be a bat and a sniper rifle. What weapons would you carry with you in the event of a zombie apocalypse?

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