Playboy and Virgin Galactic Release Concept Photos for Men's Space Club

Photosby Mick Joest

Earlier this year we wrote about a sci fi inspired strip club opening in Las Vegas, and now Fox News tells us Playboy and Virgin Galactic are looking to bring a luxurious men's club to space?! The space grotto of sorts is designed to provide entertainment to those wealthy enough to afford tickets ($200,000) for Virgin Galactic's commercial space program set to launch later this year.

Among other features, there is to be a zero gravity dance floor, a spinning diner so visitors can eat their food without floating about, a game room, and Playboy bunnies flying on jet packs and serving drinks! Zero gravity dancing does sound like a good time and all, but I can't help draw some parallels between this and the Titanic (luxury craft, first of it's kind, reserved for the wealthy). If it does happen, let's just hope James Cameron's descendant makes a record breaking film about it.

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