THE WALKING DEAD Has Found Its Governor in David Morrissey

If you thought that the Walkers were evil, think again. AMC will be bringing The Governor to life in Season 3 of The Walking Dead. THR reports that David Morrissey has been cast to play the role in the show based on Robert Kirkman's comics. In the comics "Rick and his group encounter the character when they encounter a new settlement of survivors in Woodbury. While Rick is a kind and fair leader, the Governor is anything but."

Here is a description of the character for those of you not familiar:

The casting of the legendary character -- also known as Phillip -- is a long awaited one for fans of the comics, which will release its 94th issue next week. The character's sadistic methods of leadership are counter-balanced with a personal struggle involving his daughter.

There was speculation that Daryl's (Norman Reedus) missing brother, Merle (Michael Rooker), would become the character. Kirkman recently revealed that this is not the case.
The Governor character will be introduced at some point and it will probably be an original character that hasn't appeared in the show up to that point.
There has currently been speculation that Jon Bernthal's Shane may be written out of the drama, since the actor is eyeing Frank Darabont's TNT drama pilot, LA Noir.

Morrissey will be a series regular next season, which will expand to 16 episodes. He is a BAFTA Award nominee who has starred in several British series, including Meadowlands, State of Play, and The Deal. The actor also starred in The Other Boleyn Girl.
I am addicted to The Walking Dead and welcome more twists and turns as long as the action pacing continues to stay intense. The first part of season two seemed to slow down a bit. I am very excited to see the rest of season two and season three. 

What do you think about Morrissey being cast in the role? Are you enjoying this season of The Walking Dead?
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