Batman's GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT Game That Never Was - Video


Imagine a story set one hundred years ago in a European Gotham City, where Batman has to battle Jack the Ripper. Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola (the creator of Hellboy) came up with this video game concept in 1989 and titled it Gotham by Gaslight.

The concept was part of DC Comics' Elseworlds brand, which was designed to highlight their supereheroes in stories set in alternate realities. Thanks to Siliconera (via SuperheroHype), we have a video of the game pitch that never went into development. The video below is from Day 1 Studios' (F.3.A.R.), and gives us a peek at what a Victorian era Gotham could have been.

I think that this is a game I would love to play. I like the idea of taking on the Ripper. What are your thoughts?Would you play Gotham by Gaslight?

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