Dear The Walking Dead, Kill Shane Already

Dear writers for The Walking Dead,

I'm so beyond the episode to episode shenanigans of Shane it's not even funny. His constant ramblings and erratic behavior are reaching past the bounds for believability for me as an avid watcher of the show. His traits as a character are often times in contradiction with themselves, which at this point makes him feel like a plot device to progress the story more than a living breathing character.

How can I believe the man who shoots another in the leg for survival, screams at the wife of his friend that he loves her and knows she does too, then tries to kill his best friend is the same man who tries to mentor the young Carl on a regular basis? Or how can you go from a shamed docile lamb after the man you tried to kill saves your life, only for me to watch the episode preview and hear his ass talking about taking control for the umpteenth time?! Either make him bat-shit crazy or drop the story line!

There's so many better ways to deal with this than the same rinse and repeat drama on a critically acclaimed series. Rick could've had a lapse in character and decided to leave him behind. Totally believable considering he banged his wife, and only moments ago tried to kill him for being "weak". Shane is a tough guy, I'm sure he would've escaped and likely would've went back to the farm for a decisive showdown. This would've led to the rightful deaths of many now static characters, or possibly just the destruction of that damn farm so they can actually ship up and go somewhere else for a change.

I get it. Rick is a good guy. Seriously though, as of late he's come off as more of a thrill seeking dumb ass than a hero with some of his latest endeavors into the city. Why you would bring Shane 18 miles out to discuss something controversial while he has a shotgun is beyond me...but it didn't go down the way I would've come to expect as an viewer, and it disappoints me.

All of the problems I have right now end with Shane. If Shane dies, Andrea will surely be soon to follow, and then the drama can go back to being fear of destruction by zombies and not whiny psychopaths who are only hostile when the story needs them to be.


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