Dr. Seuss Books Humorously Re-imagined for Future Hollywood Films

With the big screen CG animated adaptation of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax coming out, io9 commissioned artist DrFaustusAU to create a series of funny cover art re-imagining some of Seuss' classic books that might make some fun Hollywood films. 

As you may have heard already, according to FoxNews, The Lorax is brain washing our kids against capitalism. And for some reason The Lorax is also being used to help sell SUVs, which doesn't really make any kind of sense at all, as the story carries a heavy message about saving the environment.

Check out the new Dr. Seuss books below, and let us know which one of them you think would make for an good movie. The site also mentions that Zac Efron would be attached to each project. Head on over to io9 to see more.



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