THE RAID Remake Gets a Screenwriter


First of all, after having seen The Raid, I'm here to tell you that there's no need for this remake. I don't see any way that a remake of this Indonesian film is going to be better than the original. It doesn't make sense that it's being remade. The Raid is by far the best action film I've ever seen, and I just don't see how a remake will top it. 

That being said, the remake is still moving forward and Screen Gems has hired Brad Ingelsby to write the script, which should be too hard. After all, the script has already been written once. Ingelsby wrote a script for the film The Low Dweller and recently sold a script to Warner Bros. called Run All Night.

The director of the original film Gareth Evans, will have some input on how this remake gets made, but he's focused on developing his much larger scale sequel, which will take the story from an apartment building out into the street of the city. I'm actually more excited for the sequel than I am this remake. Hell! I'm more excited about seeing the original film for a third time than I am for the remake! I just don't think it will live up to the standards of the first.

What do you think?