James Cameron Needs Custom-made Submarine Before Shooting AVATAR Sequels

It's no secret that James Cameron is looking to take the Avatar sequels to a whole new level by taking us to an underwater world of glory. The last we heard, producer Jon Landau said we are about four years away from seeing a new Avatar film. Why? you ask, because of technology. Once again, Cameron needs to create new advanced 3D tech that will be used for the CG and performance capture and will also have a higher frame rate. That, and of course Cameron needs a specially built submarine for research. Wait, what?

I was under the impression that Cameron took ocean bottom vacations every weekend. The news comes from Sigourney Weever who recently stated that her character in the first film will be back regardless of the fact that she died. She did an interview with Bad Taste, and here's how google translated what she said,

I read early versions of the script, but I can not say anything else James Cameron comes here and kills me. I can say that I’ll be in both, we will turn them one after another and explore worlds that were not touched in the first episode. [...] What is certain is that Cameron will begin filming in the new Avatar only after going underwater in a submarine that will build special purpose. I think it should go up to the Mariana Trench. Having put his hand on the Titanic for the 3D version has given him many ideas for narrative.

Here's a more clearer translation that was found over on /Film,

Cameron will only begin filming the new Avatars after having gone underwater in a specially built submarine. It is thought that he would like to go to the Mariana Trench. Re-beginning work on Titanic for the 3D version has also given him many inspirations for Avatar.

Cameron used submarines to film his movies Titanic, Ghosts of the Abyss, and Aliens of the Deep. But according to this statement from Weaver, the director/adventurer is looking to go down in something a little more advanced and built to his specifications. 

It was also reported that Cameron will be moving to New Zealand in Peter Jackson's neck of the woods. There's no doubt that he'll be filming his next two Avatar sequels there and hanging out with Jackson. It would be awesome to see these two collaborate on something epically glorious somewhere down the line. 

Cameron's one of the few directors that can do whatever the hell he wants to do for the movies he makes. If he wants a custom-made submarine for his next movie then he'll get it. What do you think about all this?