Jason Statham Will Star in Brian De Palma's Remake of HEAT

Don't worry! It's not a remake of Michael Mann's Heat! Badass action star Jason Statham has officially been cast in the remake of Burt Reynolds' 1987 film Heat, which is set to be directed by Brian De Palma. William Goldman will write the script for the film. Goldman wrote the original script for the first film, which was adapted from the book he wrote. 

In the film "Statham plays the recovering gambling addict who makes his living providing protection on the rough edges of the gambling world. When a female friend is beaten by a high-rolling mobster, the enforcer kicks some ass and gets in over his head."

If you enjoy watching Statham kicking ass, then Heat is a movie you'll want to see. I liked the original film, but I can see how there's a lot of room for improvement. What are your thoughts on Statham and De Palma taking on this movie together?