First Look at Ryan Gosling in ONLY GOD FORGIVES

Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn has teamed up with his pal Ryan Gosling once again to develop a new film called Only God Forgives. Today, we bring you your first look at Gosling who is looking very intense. 

The movie was supposed to be distributed by FilmDistrict, but according to Deadline, that deal never closed, and now it looks like The Weinstein Company is going to pick it up. I guess someone at FilmDistrict really dropped the ball on this one. 

If you liked Drive, it sounds like your going to love Only God Forgives. According to the site, it's supposed to be even more violent and have much more intensity. So bring it on!

Gosling plays the son of a Florida-based crime syndicate boss (Kristen Scott Thomas), who is plying the drug trade in Thailand with his brother. When his addicted sibling gets involved in a murder and gets tangled up with a cop who calls himself the Angel of Vengeance, Gosling’s character, who is proficient in mixed martial arts, is compelled to seek revenge on behalf of his mother. There is swordplay, and a lot of slicing and dicing.

I'm excited as hell to see this movie. It sounds like it's going to be completely badass! Refn and Gosling make a great fimmaking duo, and I have no doubt that they will turn this into a film we will all love and enjoy. I'm looking forward to seeing Gosling kick some ass. The movie is currently shooting in Bangkok.

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