GARBAGE PAIL KIDS Headed Back to the Big Screen!

Movie by Joey Paur

One thing I never thought I'd see back up on the big screen was a movie based on the awesomely disgusting 1980's Garbage Pail Kids trading cards. I loved collection these cards/stickers while growing up. I thought they were hilarious. Hell, I still do! I have to say that even though I liked the cards, the first movie made back in '87 was a real piece crap. Even as a kid I hated that movie. 

Today Deadline is reporting that the Garbage Pail kids will be making a big comeback, and that Michael Eisner’s The Tornante Company will finance, produce and develop the feature film. It will be directed by a guy named PES. Yeah, that is the name that he goes by. I don't know much about this guy, but according to Wiki he uses everyday objects and stop-motion animation to create his films. Some of the short films he's makde include Roof Sex, KaBoom!, Game Over, Western Spaghetti, and his most recent film, Fresh Guacamole, which you can watch below. After watching the short, I'm sold on the fact that he is the right man for the job for a film property as strange as Garbage Pail Kids.

I think it will be interesting to see how this movie turns out. I'm actually kind of looking forward to it, because first, I'm a big fan of the Garbage Pail Kids, and second, it can't end up being any worse than the first film. What do you think about these nasty and gross kids making another big screen debut?

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