Giant Asteroid Headed To Earth? ARMAGEDDON Plan Works!

Scientists have concluded that blowing up a nuclear bomb on a giant asteroid headed for earth would not only be effective, but also wouldn't necessarily kill Bruce WillisMSNBC reports. A 1 megaton nuclear bomb planted at the surface of an asteroid ranging around 500 meters would potentially destroy all rocks and prevent disaster here on earth. It's stressed that this would likely be a last ditch effort, however, as putting a robotic drone on top of it could effectively alter the path enough to change it's course.

Imagine how Armageddon would've played out if Bruce Willis lived! He'd be tax free, find out who killed JFK, and be able to punch Ben Affleck in the face for defiling his daughter with animal crackers. I might like that ending more actually. Make it happen, Michael Bay! Although I'm sure if he re-did it today, the asteroid would've exploded only to reveal Megatron...which is a shame really.

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