IRON MAN 3 - Story Details Revealed!?

Movie Iron Man 3 by Joey Paur

Thanks to Latino-Review we may have our first taste of what Shane Black's has in store of us with Iron Man 3! If this news in true then you can bet your ass this is going to be packed full of spoilers! So be aware of that before you read ahead and watch the video.

The report claims that Tony Stark's next Iron Man adventure would be coming from one of the characters most popular stories... the Iron Man: Extremis story-line from the comics, which would make for one hell of a great movie! Here's what is revealed...

- Nanobots, people!

- Nanobots that make villains

- Nanobots that can also make Tony Stark more than a man in a suit.

- Which is an idea planted in Tony Stark’s head by Captain America in THE AVENGERS because Avengers leads directly into Iron Man 3.

- Production on Iron Man 3 starts in May.

Latino-Review has always been solid when it come to getting movie info like this, so I trust that what they are revealing here is true. Watch the video below and hit us up with your thoughts! Do you think this will make for a good Iron Man film?

You can check out the motion comic for The Invincible Iron Man Vol. 4 #1-6 or the Iron Man: Extremis on Netflix and/or iTunes

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