THE DARK TOWER Trilogy to End Up at Warner Bros!?

It looks like Ron Howard's big screen adaptation of Stephen King's The Dark Tower will end up at Warner Bros., which is some awesome freakin' news! For some reason Universal Pictures made the terrible decision to ditch the project, allowing Howard and producer Brian Grazer to shop it around to other studios. Lucky for Warner Bros., who is currently in negotiations to back the enormously epic post-apocalyptic western trilogy. 

According to Deadline, it's looking like the studio is willing to commit to the first film, with Howard on board to direct the script written by Akiva Goldsman and Javier Bardem still set to star as gunslinger Roland Deschain. The studio has already bought the script and are paying Goldsman to polish it up. As of right now, HBO is currently committed to doing the two TV seasons that will tie the three movies together. 

This movie trilogy will one day see the light of day. It's going to happen, it's inching forward into existence, and I can't wait for that day. This is seriously one of the coolest ideas to bring a book series to life ever. I think this could be as big as The Lord of the Rings

The Dark Tower is about the last living member of a knightly order of gunslingers, with Deschain becoming humanity’s last hope to save civilization as he hits the road to find the Dark Tower. Along the way, he encounters characters, good and bad, in a world that has an Old West feel.

I'm a huge fan of this story, and I can't wait for it to finally get made. Do you think a book to film adaptation of this magnitude will meet the fans' expectations? 

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