Joss Whedon on Making THE AVENGERS - Influences, Hulk, and Easter Eggs

I've been enjoying reading the interviews that Joss Whedon has given when talking about The Avengers. Everything he says about the film is exactly what I want to see. It's like he's a film geek that knows his audience and how to tell a story.

In this latest interview with Total Film he talks about what movies influenced him when prepping the film, he give some insight on the Hulk, talks about the easter eggs, and addresses that Spider-Man cameo rumor.

Here's what Whedon had to say...

On the movies he used as inspiration:

The first movie I referenced when Marvel asked me what I'd do if they gave me the script was 'The Dirty Dozen. People forgot, but that movie is an hour-and-a-half of training and 20 minutes of Nazi fighting. It helped me to say, you can have time to let these people get to know each other; their conflict can be as interesting as their conflict with the villain. But it was Ridley Scott's 'Black Hawk Down' that really "unlocked" The AvengersThat's when I realised we needed a war movie. With this many heroes, the only way you can really earn them - earn the idea that they are heroes - is that you put them through a meat grinder.

On the easter eggs we should be looking out for:

This isn't the kind of movie where we're going to wink at the audience. There's a great deal of humor and there are a couple of things where people will go, 'Oh!' if they're very into Marvel. Here and there I've thrown references, tiny things I remember [from the comics], but it's not one of those things where you look at and go, 'Oh, that guy and that guy! It's not Where's Waldo?

On the Hulk:

Do I think this is the ultimate Hulk movie? I'm going to tell you I do. I think what we've done with him is unprecedented and will blow people away." Speaking on Jade Giant's previous outings, Whedon says, "Those are not films I would have made. In the second one he got a [bit] of a ripped surfer look that didn't make sense to me.

On the Spider-Man cameo rumor:

There is no Spider-Man in this movie! I feel so bad for Jenny. I think she just slipped on a name and the reporter ran with it. It's not like she goes to Comic-Con every year...

What are your thoughts on what Whedon had to say in this interview?

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