Nickelodeon Revives '90s Game Show FIGURE IT OUT


In the summer of 2011, fans of the nostalgiac '90s programming on Nickelodeon were delighted to see a new middle-of-the-night block on TeenNick called "The '90s Are All That." From 12am to 4am, people can see shows like All That, Kenan and Kel, and Hey Arnold. The response to the programming was highly positive, often having weeklong trending topics on Twitter and high Nielsen ratings. Now it seems Nickelodeon is taking another step into the past by bringing back one of their classic game shows, Figure It Out.

Figure It Out was a late '90s childrens' game show that aired on Nickelodeon for 4 seasons (1997-1999) and was hosted by Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders. The show centered around children with unique talents, and four celebrities (mostly stars on Nickelodeon shows at the time) would have to guess what they were by asking yes or no questions. Periodically, they would often get clues in weird and wacky ways (and would get slimed, a Nickelodeon staple). Nickelodeon president of development and original programming Majorie Cohn said, "Figure It Out is a show that celebrates kids and their wonderful and often bizarre talents. In this internet age where kids are expressing themselves online, it feels timely to give them a TV platform to showcase those talents in a uniquely Nickelodeon way." The show will be hosted by Jeff Sutphen, known to Nickelodeon fans as "Pick Boy" (formerly of U-Pick Live). I grew up with this show and I am mildly curious to see what they'll do with this new version. Perhaps they will also revive other Nickelodeon game shows like Double Dare, Slime Time Live, and Legends of the Hidden Temple. Are you happy to see Figure It Out return to the airwaves?

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