24 Movie Stalled, but it Might end up being a Trilogy

Movie 24 by Joey Paur

Oh, come on! Just as soon as the 24 movie is gaining speed, and everyone is getting excited that it's actually happening, a wrench was thrown into the well oiled gears. Looks like we might have to wait a little longer for our 24 movie to get made, but thankfully it's not dead. 

The film was supposed to start prepping up for production in March with shooting to commence in April while Kiefer Sutherland's new TV series Touch is in hiatus. There was a possibility that Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) was going to direct it as well which would have been great! Unfortunatley 20th Century Fox has decided to hold off on rushing this film into production this year. 

According to Deadline there are rumors that this was due to budget issues, and that Sutherland is upset that it's not happening, because he was excited about reprising his role as Jack Bauer for the big screen. But, studio insiders say "that Fox wasn’t convinced it had enough time to complete the film before Sutherland has to go back to work on Touch‘s second season, and didn’t want to rush and neither did Sutherland." 

Brian Grazer and Sutherland are producing the film which has a complete script that everyone is excited about, and is ready to go when ever the studio is ready to make it happen. Chances are the studio will wait until Sutherland's next hiatus which will be next year. 

The report goes on to reveal that the script was constructed "to play out in a three-picture arc. Maybe it was the real-time format, or perhaps the writing and endless cliffhangers, but the twists and turns and intensity created a blood pressure-spiking viewer experience." It would amazing if that was true! A 24 film trilogy would be incredible! I could see this turning into a big action-film franchise.

I really wish they wouldn't have put the the brake on for this project, this is a movie that needs to come out sooner rather than later, but I guess it's better late than never. 

What do you think about the film being delayed, and the possibility that it could end up being a trilogy?

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