MAN OF STEEL Leaked Call Sheet Reveals New Details

Details on the plot of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel are few and far between. A portion of the origin story will take place on Krypton, and Superman will face off against Lex Luthor. That's pretty much all that's been revealed. Now we have some more details about Superman's birth, thanks to a leaked call sheet from the Vancouver set.

The scanned call sheet is dated October 6 of last year and has the code name title of Autumn Frost. Check out the details, thanks to CBM.

Scene 11: Int Central Hub-Underwater-VFX 

Number five (Jor-El) swims up to the central hub, retrieves Codex, alarms go off, dives back under

scene 25: Ext House Of El-Armory-VFX 
Number 11 (Lara) touches number 5's (Russell Crowe) armor, where someone's sword went through, an energy lance

Scene 17-1: Int House Of El-Armory-VFX 
Number 5 dons armor, energy lance, Kelex, sounds of Attack

Scene 16-1: Int House Of El-Observatory-VFX 
Number 5 and ? .. Kelex and ? comes through the doors into birthing room

Scene 16-2 thru - 16-7: Int House Of El-Observatory-VFX 
Number 5 and 11 say goodbye to baby number 1

Scene 16-8: Int House Of El-Observatory-VFX 
#46 placed on table ... Codex infused into number 46's heart

Scene 181-2: Int House Of El-Observatory (Flashback)-VFX 
Number 5 triggers blue ...begins which penetrates number 46's heart

Scene 16-9 thru - 16-13: Int House Of El-Observatory-VFX
Number 46 pod closes and goes into airScene 19-1 & 19-2: Int House Of El-Observatory-VFX 

High Shot ...number 5 and 11 watch from below 

As expected, Man of Steel will have a ton of VFX. One departure from past versions has Jor-El educating his son before sending him off to Earth. Other versions have the baby being instilled with knowledge in the escape pod. What do you think about this call sheet? Do you feel any more excitement about Man of Steel?

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