THE WALKING DEAD - Glen Mazzara Drops Spoilers for Finale and Next Season

Show producer and writer Glen Mazzara teased a lot of spoilers for what's to come on The Walking Dead in a recent interview which ComicBookMovie picked up. I'm going to be honest I began to dislike this guy more and more as the interview went on and had a few personal gripes I had to clear along the way, but overall it was a decent season thus far and I'll for sure be in attendance for whatever direction he takes next season. With that said let's dive in, shall we?

Mazzara On The Season Finale:

We’re proud of this finale, we’ve been building to it all season, and we cant wait for you to see it … There’s more bloodshed coming. They thought they were safe on this farm, they were wrong … We’re on a killing spree here … There are answers about the nature of the virus in the finale … I will guarantee people will watch this finale and want to know what comes next. People will have a lot of questions, but in a good way.

Saw this one coming. Let's be honest, this season was all about Rick and Shane, and not much else. It got so bad, Terrence was MIA for an entire two episodes! If I had to put money on who was on the way out this season, I would have to say Carol, Herschel, and his daughter that tried to commit suicide. 

Mazzara on Shane's Zombification:


We worked hard to make sure that revelation landed. We knew what we were doing there. We knew it would land a punch. We’ve never had a main character become a zombie to this extent. Those [rapid flashes of zombie mayhem] represent the storm in Shane’s brain to some extent … Amy was a weaker character. Shane is in a murderous rage … he’s going to reanimate quicker. There’s just more life in that zombie, believe it or not. We do have internal rules for that.

I don't put to much stock in this statement. Maybe that was something Mazzara thought of post writing, but last I checked Shane was more delusional and deranged prior to his death than in a murderous rage. He did have a temper, but that had faded when it came to the big moment. He even seemed docile as Rick managed to talk him down prior to killing him... so perhaps they should tweak those "internal rules" a bit. Maybe this will get a better explanation in episodes to come, but I'm not all that satisfied with that response.

Mazzara on Possible Death of Lori:


If it’s earned and character-based and propels the story forward, nothing is over the line for us. No one is safe on this show.

Apparently neither is Frank Darabont's original work either. Won't go into this one for those who haven't read the comics, but don't be surprised if it happens next season.

On Removing Darabont's Planned "Zombie Outbreak" Flashback:


Maybe we could do it in a stand-alone movie, maybe a webisode. But I’m not particularly interested in using flashbacks. I want to propel the story forward. That’s my natural inclination. The outbreak — who gives a shit? The outbreak started, now everybody’s screwed and we’re on the run from the zombies.

I give a shit, douche! I think a flashback would've been the proper way to start the season honestly as giving more background and initial response to the outbreak would've been an awesome concept as well as something to fill in the mainly zombieless season spent on the country-side. I know readers often say the show's focus isn't around action, but with the season finale being a horde attack that progresses the story, c'mon, who's kidding who here?

Will Season 3 Start A Little Faster Than Season 2?

I am very interested in keeping the pace up. I’m proud of the [early] episodes in season 2. I’m surprised at some of the feedback. That being said, it was always my intention to ramp up the pace. I do think the [recent] episodes have been better crafted at having a beginning, middle and a punch at the end. I think we’ve cracked it. We still will have slower episodes … this is a story about characters we care about. But I do think the pacing in season three will feel like a freight train.

Really? As I stated earlier, the only thing that happened that seriously developed a character other than Rick was Sophia becoming a zombie. Her death was treated lightly and we really didn't see too much of Carol, Dale died as a result of a completely pointless event that lacked emotion in my eyes, and then Shane died. Other than Shane, Rick, and Carl, I can't really say this season made me feel closer to any of the characters involved. 

So yeah, I'm already well aware I'm going to catch some hell for this one so go ahead and let me have it! I can't help it. I want the show to go back to the emotion I felt in the first season, and as the season finale happens this Sunday, I'm sad to say I feel it slipping away.

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