Disgusting IRON MAN Blood Urine Art Wins Prize

Yeah, you read that title right. I just want to warn you that this is actually very disgusting. The image of Iron Man that you see above is pee art called Blood Urin Man. It was made by a graduate art student in Taiwan who went pee one day only to find that there was blood in it. His first thought... I could make an Iron Man portrait out of this! From there things only escalated into grotesqueness. According to Micgadget,

He took about two months to find a toilet bowl with a similar oblong shape to the outline of Iron Man’s face. Then he was eating edible pigmentation and successfully produced red, black and green urine. He arranged the colored urine to make it look like the character, and used his saliva to create foam for touching up. He needed to keep adding spit to his work while waiting for the judges to get to him during the contest.

The art beat out more then 600 competitors to win for the first prize. Is this where civilization is headed? Are we really moving into the enlightened age of pee art? I suggest that the artist go see a doctor immediately. What do you think about this pee art? 

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