Tarsem Singh May Direct Contemporary War Movie EYE IN THE SKY

Tarsem Singh (Immortals) may have found his next directing gig. The Playlist reports that the Mirror Mirror director may be directing an epic contemporary war film called Eye in the SkyGuy Hibbert scripted the thriller that is reportedly in the same vein as Steven Soderbergh's Traffic, Contagion, and Syriana with over-arching storylines. If Singh signs on, he would step in for Olivier Hirschbiegel (Downfall).

Here is what Singh had to say in a recent interview:

It's about a drone attack, and what it means to the people playing with their thumbs in Nevada, what it means to the people saying, 'Go ahead and strike,' what it means to other politicians at war in Europe, and what it means to the people on the ground where it happens [in East Africa]. There are people who become collateral damage around the globe in a lot of ways. It's a really contemporary, emotional piece.

The project is definitely epic, and contains 62 parts. He stated that this would be tricky for him and would typically take "Soderbergh's clout" to assemble an all-star cast. "I have what it takes to make something happen," he allowed, "but it's not like it's just one or two parts that are very big. This is more like an event film."

Singh stated it is very difficult to make medium-level films in the studio system:

I would like to make this kind of film, but unless it's a very big movie or a very small movie, it's tough. There doesn't seem to be a problem doing a $120 million movie, or a $2 million dollar movie, but that middle area is wiped out, especially if you don't want to use the same five actors everyone wants to work with.
I love Soderbergh's movies, but am not sure how Singh can handle this big of a movie. I enjoy watching war movies and think that it will be interesting to see him take on a less-visual film. Would you like to see Singh take on Eye in the Sky?


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