Want a 1/3 Scale TIE Fighter to Play Around In?

Movie by Joey Paur

What you see above is a homemade 1/3 scale TIE Fighter made out of plywood, and it's currently for sale in the Seattle area on Craigslist. This would make for a great clubhouse if you've got kids, but if you're a grown adult hardcore Star Wars fan, maybe you could buy it and tell your kids they aren't allowed to play in it because it's yours. Here's the description from Craigslist

Have the coolest toy in your neighborhood! Approximately 1/3 scale TIE Fighter. 8x8x8 feet but breaks down into 5 pieces for easy transport in a pickup or can haul partially assembled (except for the top half of the wings) on a trailer. Wheeled casters make it easy to move once assembled. Laser cannons are set to fire standard party poppers. Well built out of 3/4 plywood with the wings sheeted in cardboard. Tested to hold over 300 pounds. Cockpit is 38 inches by 38 inches and my 5ft tall son comfortably sits inside. $150 or best offer.

So it would only cost you at the most $150 bucks, that's a pretty damn good price for a TIE Fighter! If you live in the Seattle area, and you have a place to put it, you should buy it!

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