Clerks is, without a doubt, the first film most people think of when they think of writer-director Kevin Smith. It proved so popular that it even paved the way for an animated prime-time series on ABC. The original cast (Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson, Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith) all reprised their roles in voice-over form and were joined by Alec Baldwin, who played a hysterical, maniacal Vincent Price-lookalike businessman named Leonardo Leonardo. The clerks would often be caught up in his quest for domination until he was thwarted by them. Even though the show was heavily toned down both in language and adult situations from its live-action R-rated counterpart (for example, turning Jay and Silent Bob from drug dealers to fireworks salesmen), its comedy was a bit broader. The show didn't last very long, with only two episodes airing on television. It was soon released to DVD, where it gained a cult audience. This same situation occured with Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy, only it was given a second chance and has been insanely successful and on the air ever since. Now it looks as though Clerks: The Animated Series is about to get the same treatment.

Kevin Smith announced through Twitter to a fan named @Just_Reboot that "Miramax 2.0 and I are hoping to [make] new eps weekly next year." While it is unknown where this will occur - television, Internet, DVD - I am very excited to see this happen. I am a huge fan of the show and I eagerly look forward to new episodes. This also would allow Smith to bypass Clerks III while still keeping his eye on his beloved characters. Will you watch the new adventures of Dante, Randal, Jay, and Silent Bob?

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