STAR WARS Character Redesign Art

Samurai Vader - JoseVega

CGHUB is currently holding a fun drawing jam in which artists have been asked to redesign characters from the Star Wars universe. Here's a collection of 17 different redesigns that have been done so far, and most of them have turned out very cool! My favorite piece from the series is the Bossk image directly below. What's your favorite?

Bossk!- BeRad

Captain Vader - gwfdesigns

Darth Vader - jaredjbarnes

Obi Wan - DaveNeale

Taun Taun - sketchboy01

WIP - JoseVega 


Yoda - mrdavidpoe

Yoda - Jae1234

Leia and Stormtrooper: Red Squad - mrdavidpoe

Stormtrooper - iime

Batman Vader - SM0gy