New Business Delivers Tacos Via Unmanned Tacocopter!

HumorTechby Mick Joest

This....this. What more can I say about a business that combines my love of tacos, unmanned drones, online ordering and GPS navigation? The Tacocopter is f****** brilliant. Feeling peckish? Order on your phone, look to the sky, and go loco as a flying robot swoops down and delivers tacos right into your tech savvy hands. Right now it's only a start up business in San Francisco and the surrounding bay area, but word is if you're living on the east coast you can also get delivery from the Lobstercopter (the taco of the east). Taco's on demand. I think I can die happy now.

Right now the government is trying to put a stop to this epicness so visit their site here and show some love, and email your state rep and demand FREE TACOCOPTERS!

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