Attila the Hun getting Origin Story Film

Movie by Joey Paur

The famous historical warrior Attila the Hun will be getting a feature film based on his life. Warner Bros. picked up a original pitch from Nicholas Schoenfeld who will also write the screenplay. The movie will be called Attila and will serve as an origin story for the great warrior who was the leader of the Hunnic Empire. He was one of the most feared enemies of the Western and Eastern Roman Empires. He mysteriously died on his wedding night in 453.

According to Deadline the studio loved the pitch, and said that the tone of the film will be "similar to the good-man-gone-bad pic Dracula Year Zero." It's kind of hard to imagine what that tone would be like as Dracula Year Zero has yet to get made. But the point of the Dracula film is to redefine the character, and put the whole legend on its head. 

As a major history buff, I'd love to see an awesome movie about Attila the Hun, and this could be it!

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