Director DJ Caruso to take on INVERTIGO

Eagle Eye director DJ Caruso is in talks with Sony Pictures to direct sci-fi drama thriller called Invertigo. The story was scripted by Ehren Kruger and Bradley Cramp, and according to Deadline the film is about a "NASA satellite that crash-lands in New York City, and it creates a 'reverse-G vortex' where gravity is inverted. It imperils the planet if a rescue mission fails."

It sounds like one of those bad disaster movie from the 1990's like Armageddon, Volcano, and Deep Impact where a team of unlikely people are brought together to stop some kind of ridiculously epic disaster from destroying the world, and they end up saving it at the last minute under dire circumstances. The inverted gravity does add a pretty cool touch to the story though.

The movie will be developed as a big tent pole production that is being put on the fast track to production. Caruso is hit or miss for me as a director. I liked what he did with Disturbia and Eagle Eye, but I didn't care for what he did with I Am Number Four, of course I don't think any director could have made that story good. He just finished directing Goat Island, which he also wrote. He's also attached to direct the Preacher comic adaptation along with A Walk Among the Tombstones. Who knows if he'll be able to take on all three projects, he might have to drop one or pass on this one.

Invertigo will most likely start shooting sometime in early 2013. What do you think about the premise of the film, and what do you think about Caruso taking it on?