George Lucas Addresses STAR WARS Episodes VII, VIII, and IX

For the longest time Star Wars fans have wondered if George Lucas would ever take the original universe he created, his characters and take it to episodes VII, VIII and IX. I would actually love to see it happen... if Lucas wasn't involved as the screenwriter and director. According to Lucas it will never happen. In fact that's exactly what he said when he was asked about it... "never!" 

TMZ recently posted a video of a camera man asking the filmmaker when we would see the rumored new trilogy. Watch the video below to see his response. 

I'm fine with Lucas not making anymore Star Wars films. It would be so cool to see someone else take it on though. I'm actually very excited about the live-action TV series that's being developed called Star Wars: Underworld. Especially because the series is a reality that will eventually happen. 

Lucas also recently announced that he's retiring from big budget feature films. Who knows what that means, it seems like the guy has been retired since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I wish he would have actually gone out and made a bunch of other original films! Now it looks like it may never happen. The guy has obviously lost the fire. And the Star Wars movies are dead. They will only live on through 3D re-releases. 

What do you think about the fact that the Star Wars movie saga will never continue?

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