GT Letters: Fan Wants Accountability For Ender's Game Response


I just came across the email response from Orson Scott Card about the Ender's Game movie that you got a few months ago, as published on I've been seeing a short cast list on many websites recently, and I have to say, it seems to really go against some of the things that Card said. 
IMDB says the film is currently in production, with Asa Butterfield playing the title role.
Although I can't argue that this kid was really good in Hugo, there is no question he HAS gone through that "soul-numbing process of being cute on camera." Also, the kid is almost 15, surely he's hit puberty and therefore should be far too old for the role. As Card said, "NONE of the kids should have reached puberty." This is definitely true, it's pretty ridiculous to have a 14-year-old play a character who, at the start of the film, should be 6 (I think - from what I remember about the book). 
Just about every other cast member listed on IMDB is also much too old by now. Hailee Steinfeld is 15, apparently playing Petra Arkanian. The actors playing Bonzo and Fly are almost 18. The more I look at this cast list, the harder it is to believe. I'm hoping it's based on rumors, rather than facts. The fact that so many websites are reporting this, though, does not bode well. What do you think? Is there a chance this is all just an overreaction to some B.S. rumors?





You bring up some very valid points. A lot of what was previously said by Mr. Card has changed as the movie has further developed. Most authors I'm sure can relate to this struggle, but I'd be interesting to see if OSC responds to this letter! We'll be sure to let you know if he does!


Travis makes a good point right?


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