Joel Kinnaman is Officially ROBOCOP

Last week is was reported that The Killing's Joel Kinnaman was offered the lead role in Jose Padilha's (Elite Squad) Robocop remake. Today Deadline reports that he's accepted the role and the casting is official. Kinnaman will be the new Robocop, and I think it's a great choice to bring Robocop back to life on the big screen. The role was originally played by Peter Weller in 1987. 

Here's what Padilha had to say about his plans of the remake in a previous interview,

Wars in the future are going to be fought with drones. We won’t send a plane with a pilot in, it will be drone. It’s getting that way now and ten years from now that’s how wars are going to be fought. But what if a drone goes wrong – who is to blame then? Do you blame the drone? And that problem asks if you can you consider a robot guilty of a crime. Or is it the corporation that made the robot that is guilty? How do you fight back against drones when you don’t have drones?

He's obviously taking a differnt approach on the film giving the story a fresh feel. I think there's a chance this could turn out to be a good movie. It's hard for me to be accepting of remakes, but this could work because of the talent on board developing it. Do you think Kinnaman is a good choice?

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