James Bond MOONRAKER Sequel Posters We Wish Had Happened!

James Bond has been all over the world, but one of his coolest adventures was into outer space in Moonraker, which starred Roger Moore. Here is a series of awesome posters for Moonraker sequels we wish had happened designed by Mmarczewski.

Check them out below and share your thoughts:

Moonraker 2: Mission To The Moon

Bond returns to space and this time he travels to the moon to infiltrate a lunar base that has a huge laser aimed at Earth.

Moonraker 3D: From Jupiter With Love

The son of Hugo Drax has secretly carried on the work of his father and is attempting to create a new civilisation on one of Jupiter's moon. 007 is sent on a voyage to investigate. Presented for the first time in 3D!

Moonraker 4: Total Eclipse

An evil tycoon constructs a giant shield-shaped satellite orbitting around Earth which blocks out all sunlight. Bond must return to the moon to begin a mission to destroy it.

Moonraker 5: Contact

MI6 intercepts an extraterrestrial signal and Bond must prevent interplanetary war when countries begin to battle over the new alien technology.

Which of these movies would you be interested in seeing?

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