Marvel Closing in on Director for CAPTAIN AMERICA 2

After The Avengers hits theaters in May the story of the characters will continue with Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and of course Captain America 2. According to a recent report from Vulture, Marvel Studios has cut down a list of ten possible directors to only three, those three directors includes....

Writer and director of The Adjustment Bureau George Nolfi, F. Gary Gray who directed The Italian Job, and then there's Anthony and Joseph Russo who are best known for their work on the TV series Community. it's an odd choice, but OK, I can role with it. Marvel's been very smart on who they bring in to direct their films, so I think we can trust their choice. My only issue is why they aren't bringing Joe Johnston back to direct the sequel, because he did a hell of an awesome job bringing Captain America to life! I absolutely loved what he did with it. 

It's hard for me to be excited about any of these directors on the list because the two film directors have only made mediocre films, including the Russo's who not only do TV stuff but have directed the film You, Me and Dupree. The inside source that revealed this information told the site the following,

Kevin [Feige, Marvel Studios’ president of production] is a ‘vibe guy,' He likes to see if he gets along with people before he’ll decide about spending the next two years with them. And apparently, they hit it off with Kevin in the room.

The studio will meet with the directors again next month. I imagine to discuss ideas and what their vision for the sequel might be. Which of the directors on the list would you prefer to take on the sequel to Captain America?

The script for the film was written by Chris Markus and Stephen McFeely, and according to a previous interview with them the story may end up revisiting the character’s past. They wanted to make sure that the film’s sequel features some classic war-time action in the 1940’s and some of it take place in the modern day. 

We certainly want at least a portion of the '40's, I think. The span of [Captain America: The First Avenger] is about two or three years, and there’s a few times in the film where you jump four months ahead, you jump six months ahead. So we did that with the intention of saying, ‘Okay, there are certainly unseen adventures that Captain America went on in that period that if we want to, we can go back and explore later.

In discussing a movie full of 1940s action, Markus obviously admitted, 

It might be doing a disservice not to address the present day Cap, particularly because so much of the comic book run right now is present day Cap – that ‘man out of time’ is the icon. The Captain America that most people know is really from kind of the reboot, when Stan Lee brought him back in '63 and '64, frozen from a block of ice. So his biggest personality trait is that he's this man out of time, and for us, we didn't have the opportunity [to explore that]. This was a guy in the RIGHT time.

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