JOHN CARTER DVD/Blu-Ray Art Revealed


Though it had no release date scheduled, Walt Disney Pictures has already released the DVD/Blu-Ray/Blu-Ray 3D art for one of their most NOTABLE films so far this year, Andrew Stanton's John Carter.

I thoroughly enjoyed this film. This project started in animation and it took an animation director to bring it to life. Stanton may not get all the praise that fellow Pixar alumni Brad Bird got for his live-action debut, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, but he does his best here even though the heart of his animated films aren’t here. Another thing that doesn’t help is that there are times in the film where it gets slow and expositional. Taylor Kitsch and Lynn Collins both contribute fine performances. Although his character is featured prominently in the trailers and TV spots, Willem Dafoe’s Tars Tarkas, although a very good use of performance capture, is hardly in the film at all; though he does offer the film a lot of humor. One of the highlights of the film is John Carter’s alien pet companion, Woola. He is just so darn cute that you can’t help but smile when you see him.

The bonus features on the Blu-Ray include:

- Disney Second Screen

- 360 Degrees of John Carter

- Deleted Scene with Optional Commentary by Andrew Stanton

- Barsoom Bloopers

- 100 Years in the Making

- Audio Commentary with the Filmmakers 

The Blu-Ray 3D features all of the above features, the Blu-Ray, the DVD and a Digital Copy of the Film. I don't have a clue when this movie comes out, but I will definitely purchase it on Blu-Ray. Perhaps, like in the film, John Carter will soon have another life...

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