5 Ways To Be Killed By The Living In The Walking Dead (Possible Spoilers)

Warning: The Following Post Contains Spoilers With Episode Revelations From March 4th. Don't Read It If You Haven't Watched The Episode!

If there's one thing that I've learned from The Walking Dead, it's that the living are just as ruthless as the undead at times. It's enough to make me reconsider my group strategy should we ever have a zombie apocalypse. This countdown is a testament to the little known fact in television drama that the survivor group who stays together... will ultimately die off one by one.

5. A Suicidal Doctor Blows Up CDC

Dr. Jenner calls it protocol, but we all remember his spiel before the sequence started about a painless death. A good amount of the cast that I forgot about died in this explosion including Jacqui (don't feel bad, I had to google search her too). I think it's also worth pointing out that initially Jenner didn't give anyone a choice in the matter, and it took a lot of convincing for him to open up the blast doors. Crazy doctors, man. Watch out for them.

4. You're A Child And Rick Leaves You In The Woods

What a sad ending... If you had forgotten that Rick caused it in the first place! What an a**hole! What is this?! Getting rid of his grief? I never fully understood why Sophia couldn't have run with Rick in the first place when he found her in the woods? She was doing fine on her own, and with all the recent knife to the skull use, I really think the whole thing could've been avoided if he just used his head... Then again, Rick isn't known for his strong decision making skills.

3. You Try To Invite Yourself On The Farm

They should have just gone to Nebraska. To be fair on this one, if I couldn't stay in the farm house, I wouldn't exactly be inviting people to stay either. Good quick draw skills for the sheriff as well, I must say.

2. You Argue For A Man's Life

(Note: uploaded video is more hilarious than actual footage from show. Why people upload these things to Youtube I'll never know)

So the death toll of Rick's indecision is officially up to two after the recent episode in which Dale meets his end after storming off when the group decides to kill the prisoner. Wait, they didn't kill the prisoner after all? What was--I'm guessing--intended to be a great touch of irony just seemed like the insanely pointless death of the moral conscience of the group. The simple fact is Dale wouldn't have died if Rick would've just decided not to kill him from the beginning like we all knew he was going to do.

1. You Can't Beat Shane In A Race

Perhaps the most interesting death in the series thus far, Shane's killing of Otis, actually seems justified. Then he goes all Dothraki (OMG, Game of Thrones reference) and shaves his head like he's defeated or something?! I don't understand. Does he feel guilty or does he just want to look more bad ass? Whatever the case, Shane tops our list as the best human to human death in the series.

Do you agree with the order?

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