New BORDERLANDS 2 Concept Art

Something I love about the development of games is seeing how the concept art evolves over time. Gives you a glimpse sometimes as to where the game could have gone, or even the effort it took to reach the final product. 

We recently showed you the brand new trailer for this game. Well now Gearbox has just released a bunch of concept art for Borderlands 2 to give you a glimpse of all the new characters and some of the items you will be carrying around Pandora. 

The game doesn't come out until September 18, 2012 & will be released on PC, XBox 360 and Playstation 3. Although there has not been any news on a special collector's edition of the game, that is something the developer is thinking about. So much so that they would like to hear your feedback on what should be included, on their forums

Some other tidbits have emerged from a FAQ the developer released recently. Mainly surrounding cross platform gaming.  

Can I play Borderlands 2 online with someone that has it on a different platform?

Cross-platform multiplayer is something we'd really like to support, but is also something that historically been pretty tricky to implement across all platforms. It's something we're continuing to look into, both for Borderlands 2 and our works beyond, and hopefully something we'll be able to do in the future.

I know a ton of people that played the original Borderlands on PC. How cool would that be, if I could play with them via my XBox!

Well take a look at all the concept art and tell what you think. Do you think Borderlands 2 will be just as much of a massive hit as the first one? Who knows, they might just take home game of the year again.


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