OUIJA Moving Again at Universal

Ouija just will not die and is once again moving forward after budget woes put it on hold. Deadline reports that the Hasbro-branded project has been reconfigured, and Universal Pictures is planning a 2013 release. The studio previously shelved the project, which had McG directing and a budget over $100 million. The new incarnation will cost around $5 million.

Hasbro’s Brian Goldner and Bennett Schneir, Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Brad Fuller, and Andrew Form, and Blumhouse Productions are producing the film. A low budget makes complete sense with the addition of Blumhouse's Jason Blum, the Paranormal Activity producer responsible for turning out low-budget yet high-grossing films. McG will not be directing this version, but that is for the best in my opinion.

This type of lower budget film should be something fans can come to expect more and more. The idea of $100 million-plus features make little sense, when movies like Chronicle and Project X can have such high returns. Lower budgets allow filmmakers to be more creative while filming. 

What do you think of micro-budget films becoming the new norm in Hollywood?

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