V/H/S Found Footage Horror Anthology Gets Release Date

Movie V/H/SHorror by Joey Paur

V/H/S was one of my favorite movies from Sundance. It's a great found footage horror film anthology, and Magnet Releasing just gave the film a release date of August 31st, 2012 for VOD and October 5th for theaters. 

The film follows "a group of misfits hired to burglarise a house to find a rare VHS tape, only to find more found footage than they wanted to see." There are five VHS tapes that we watch throughout the course of the film, and they are pretty awesome. You can read about what they are about in my review for the film, which you can read here.  

The movie had a great mix of different horror film genres such as slasher films, ghost stories, and urban legends. I'm a huge fan of horror movies, and I couldn't help but enjoy watching this entertainingly twisted flick. This will make a great movie to watch every year, and I intend to add it to my Halloween playlist. 

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