PIXAR Films Minimalist Poster Art

ArtMoviePixarby Joey Paur

I have yet to meet a person that doesn't like the majority of Pixar's films. Sure, there's some we like more than others, in my opinion Cars 2 is by far the worst movie they've made to date. Other than that, the studio has created a great collection of timeless characters.

Artist Wonchan Lee has created a series of minimalist posters as a tribute to Pixar, and each poster captures the soul of the characters they created. The artist had this to say in a statement,

Turning the most realistic 3D animation into the simplest vector graphic... Everybody loves Pixar, which means you wouldn't want to do anything to let them down. Because it has really broad demographics, in terms of age bracket and cultural background, it was very challenging to come up with something that pleases such a wide audience whilst satisfying myself as an artist and as a fan of Pixar, too.

He's done a great job with these posters. Check them out, and tell us what your favorite Pixar film is.