Brazilian Military Police Hire a Batman To Fight Crime

Bleeding Cool reports that the military police in the Brazilian city of Taubate are so up to their ears in violent crime, they've gone and hired a Batman to help clean up the streets. That's right André Luiz Pinheiro is a 50 year old retired soldier, big fan of Batman, and bad ass who will be taking to the streets in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the town in costume.

Nothing is known at this point about the details of his work other than he will "be working to help pacify the city and its high crime levels," so anything is possible.

Let the record show that Taubate is also home to one of the most dangerous gangs in the world, the Comando de Capital. They're known for the usual things, such as routine kidnapping, murder, and robbery all to demoralize and reduce public faith in the government. Its primary focus is civilian targets, and I'm guessing, now the guy running around dressed as Batman. Here's hoping he's as clever as Bruce Wayne, because this dude just plastered a huge target on his back.

Best of luck Mr. Pinheiro! Hopefully the next national headline about you will be positive!

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