CASA DE MI PADRE'S Matt Piedmont Directing KING DORK

Casa de Mi Padre's Matt Piedmont has reteamed with Gary Sanchez and NALA Films for an English-language comedy. Deadline reports that Piedmont will direct King Dork, based on the 2006 Frank Portman novel that has been adapted by D.V. DeVincentis. Filming is slated for June and will likely take place in Connecticut.

King Dork follows "best friends and outsiders Tom and Sam, who bond over their shared love of classic rock and roll, which helps them cope with the agony of getting through high school in 1987." NALA’s Emilio Diez Barroso and Darlene Caamano Loquet are producing along with Gary Sanchez’s Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, Kevin Messick, and Chris Henchy. NALA will finance the comedy like it did on Casa de Mi Padre, which opens March 16.

This is the first project that McKay bought when Gary Sanchez was formed six years ago. DeVincentis has scripted two awesome music-related movies, High Fidelity and Grosse Point Blank. Here is what McKay had to say about the project:

It stalled, and them Kevin Messick read it and said it was too good to let it go. Matt did a fantastic job on Casa, and this is riht in his wheelhouse. Matt’s a  collector of albums from the 60s and 70s, which fits right in."

The movie is about that moment when you go from the confines of your room with your music, to venturing out in the world with fantasies of rock stardom. They stumble through in a scary, hilarious way and actually in a strange way become rock stars. We all remember the days when you’d ride a bike to meet a girl, or obsess over album covers and look at bands like they were on a different planet. The movies that capture that feeling and the pain of high school are some of my favorites, from My Bodyguard to Over the Edge.

The film will be made on a budget, but it will include music rights deals. “This is set in the 80s but the music is more about those classic rock songs from the 70s, which the lead character discovers from his dad’s old albums,” she said. “The music from that period is as rich as the script that made us respond so strongly.”

The big question is if Ferrell will be starring in the film. “There are a couple of good roles in it he could play and Will definitely loves the script,” McKay said. “But we are just beginning the casting process.”

Casa de Mi Padre looks really funny, and I am interested in seeing what Piedmont can do with this type of comedy. What songs from the 70s would you like to see in the movie?

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