Blu-ray Review: THE KILLING Season 1 Is Must-Watch TV

The Killing Season 1 arrived on Blu-ray and DVD on March 13, and the second season airs tonight on AMC. For fans of the show, these are must have discs because of their bonus features, which includes an extended season finale, unaired deleted and extended scenes, a gag reel, featurettes, as well as director and cast commentaries. 

Patty Jenkins (Monster) directed the pilot for the show, which stars Mireille Enos (Big Love) as Sarah Linden, the lead homicide detective that investigates the death of Rosie Larsen; Billy Campbell (The Rocketeer, Once and Again) as Darren Richmond, Seattle's City Council President and now running for Mayor; Joel Kinnaman (Snabba Cash) as Stephen Holder, an ex-narc cop who joins the homicide division in the investigation to find Rosie's killer; Emmy® nominated Michelle Forbes (True Blood) as Rosie's mother, Mitch Larsen; and Brent Sexton (W., In the Valley of Elah) as Rosie's father, Stan Larsen. 

There are certain shows on TV that have fans buzzing from the moment an episode airs until the following weeks episode. The Killing is one of those shows because of it's compelling characters and edge-of-your-seat mystery. The first season did so well that it garnered six Primetime Emmy nominations and one Golden Globe nomination. AMC knows how to produce and market a show, and they did that with The Killing. The solitary picture of a girl with the words "Who Killed Rosie Larsen?" scrawled out in red lettering is so profound and in your face. 
There is no comparing any show to David Lynch's Twin Peaks, but The Killing has some similarities. Both shows deal with a grizzly murder in the Northwest, both shows have a dark and gloomy tone to them, which is enhanced by an ominous score. One of the biggest similarities is that the murder is trying to be diligently solved by unique people with interesting pasts. On top of that the murder victims are very similar. Neither of them are shown much during the show, but they both have very mysterious backgrounds. Rosie Larsen seems to lead a double life, which her parents and friends had no idea about. Regardless of similarities and differences, both shows have exceptional casts to propel their unique characters forward. 
Enos truly stands out, and warranted her Emmy nomination, but I was blown away by the entire cast. It was so cool seeing The Rocketeer's Campbell onscreen again. Kinnaman's profile has blown up since starring in this show, and I am looking forward to seeing him in more shows and films. The shows location is another character in the show. The story takes place in Seattle, but is actually filmed in British Columbia. The constant rain and dark sky would be enough to drive many people to murder. Of course I am joking, but there location is wonderful for the shows tone. 

There are some really great features on this disc, which are pretty cool. Commentaries are a great way to re-watch the season with some extra insight into what was going on. I often enjoy doing that on my movie discs as well, so that I can see things from a new perspective. The Killing has a commentary track that for the extended season finale with Enos and writer Nicole Yorkin. I am not sure why the director was not included, since that is common on many commentaries. One of the coolest parts of the disc is the ability to watch all episodes in "Season" mode, which loads the next episode immediately. Netflix are you listening, this would be a great feature for streaming content!
The Killing season 1 is available now on Blu-ray and DVD. Be sure to watch the first episode of the new season tonight on AMC. These discs are a must-watch for any fan of the series, as well as any fan of mystery thrillers. 


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