Another Die Hard Inspired White House Movie to be Developed by Antoine Fuqua

Last week is was announced that Roland Emmerich was in negotiations to direct a new action thriller called White House Down. The idea was picked up by James Vanderbilt for $3 million dollars, and is described as being Die Hard in the White House. Now it's being reported that yet another action thriller that takes place in the White House is being developed. The movie is called Olympus Has Fallen, and Training Day director Antoine Fuqua is in talks to direct it. This movie has also been described as being Die Hard in the White House. 

Nu Image/Millennium put the movie on the fast track to production after Sony Pictures announced their plans for a similar movie. I'll be honest... someone just needs to back out and shelve the project because making two movie that are basically going to be the exact same thing is kind of ridiculous. I'll also remind you that Jack Bauer already went up against terrorists in the White House.

Olympus Has Fallen actually has the advantage here as Gerard Butler is already attached to star in the film as an unlikely Secret Service agent trying to stop terrorists who have taken over the White House. I'm not the biggest Emmerich fan, so if I had to chose one of these movies to see, it's going to be Olympus has Fallen. Which one would you chose?

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