Awesomely Resourceful Zombie Apocalypse Survival App

Humor Zombie by Joey Paur

We all know a zombie apocalypse is inevitable. It's going to happen, and we need to be prepared. Don't wait until it's too late! You should already be prepared for this maddness, if not there's an app to help you called Map of the Dead. It uses Google Maps engine and breaks down every location indexed by Google and shows you where all the potential danger zones are in red. It also points out where all of the handy hardware stores, military bases, gun stores, gas stations, shopping malls, hospitals, campgrounds, radio towers, and even cemetery's so you can avoid them. 

Any high populated city is going to be dangerous. I live in Los Angeles, luckily I'm far enough away out side of the major cities to easily be able to escape up in the the mountains. The image you see above is the area in which I reside, as you can see it's one big danger zone. 

Now chances are when the zombie outbreak occurs the internet is going down, so make sure to print out a hard copy for yourself and put it in a safe place with whatever cash, food, guns and ammo you have stored away. Hope this helps in your efforts in surviving a zombie apocalypse. 

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